Xena vs Bianca (Grudge Catfight) FCS166

Xena vs Bianca
This is an incredible catfight: Bianca and Xena met  in an European wrestling event last summer, and during the event they had some discussions, since Bianca claimed that Xena “stole” some customers for mixed fights. So she asked as to organize a catfight with Xena and obviously we were happy to fo it.
Since they entered in the apartment, they both started to yell at each other; when the catfights starts, aggression is at its peak, with lots of hairpulling, slapping and scratches.
We all know that Bianca is a very strong woman and she loves to dominate her opponents, but Xena is a powerful one and she improved a lot.
There is a lot of trash talking as the roll on the floor, applying nasty holds, ripping hair and trying to subdue each other. Bianca tries to use her strength but not easy against Xena who fights wildly and never steps back.
Pamela joins them in the room and seems to enjoy the catfight.
There are quite a few submissions and the winner will simply adore posing on the loser, but whoever the loser is, she is not happy and she immediately launches a new challenge….
It’s not over between these two!
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