Nina vs Pamela FCS95 (Topless Catfight)

Nina vs Pamela

The powerful blonde Pamela made incredible improvements and recently she has been demolishing her opponents with incredible ease. The Russian beauty is strong but she is also technical and aggressive and over the past 6 months she climbed right to the top of our rank. We all love the way she enjoys to dominate her rivals, posing and flexing to the camera for the joy of our fans.

In this video, she faces tall and strong Nina in a topless catfight. Nina is also a strong woman. She is tall and heavy and she has a boxing background. She is not afraid of fighting but she has a lot to learn and Pamela is the perfect opponent.

The two women pose and flex for the audience and then it’s hairpulling! Nina tries hard to use her superior weight and her strenght but she is soon overwhelmed by an incredibly determined Pamela who starts punishing her with her vicious scissors and her tight headlocks.

Nina does try to fight back, using different tactics, but Pamela is very confident and she dominates the bigger girl. There are several submissions in this match, some are quite painful. But Nina shows great endurance and determination to fight back,

At the end of the match, the winner will enjoys doing some very sexy victory poses on her exhausted opponent. This is the second time these two fight each other, but the loser will promise revenge.

A great and juicy fight, with both women showing off their boobs as they grapple for dominance. Another fantastic production made by Female Combat Stars!

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