Maria Stuarta vs Nina FCS115 (Slapping Match)

Maria Stuart vs Nina

Maria Stuart is a very tall and evil woman who loves dominating her opponents, no matter if they are men or women. She is strong and aggressive and she was very happy when we told her that this match allows body slapping. Nina is equally powerful but she is light hearted and less tenacious. She has an incredible potential and we are working on her to improve her skills and her determination. However this match is for those who love one sided fights.

Maria Stuart has a very tight scissor and she loves slapping and Nina takes a pretty bad punishment. The blonde hottie is trapped, squeezed and beat up by her tougher foe and you can tell how frustrated she is. Half way through the match Maria Stuart actually rips off Nina’s top and actually slaps and tortures her nude breasts!

Maria Stuart has no mercy and gives a memorable lesson to Nina who can only implore her submissions. The end is fabulous with Maria Stuart spanking poor Nina after finishing her off.

We know that Nina is strong and she could actually become very dangerous but Maria Stuart is a true dominatrix and the gorgeous Nina was swept away.

It’s great to watch one woman fully dominating the other and the screams of the loser as she is squashed, slapped and pinned.

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