Bianca vs Pamela (Catfight) FCS200

Bianca vs Pamela

There you go, the two top wrestlers face each other in a very steamy catfight where they can actually punch the stomach. Pamela used to beat Bianca but the muscled brunette improved a lot and her strength and determination are just outstanding.

The blonde beauty from Ukraine is confident as usual but Bianca came to FCS to show who is the boss. The match is just great and extremely even, with lots of back and forth as both women really want to win. Pamela tries to use her BBJ skills and apply hear deadly scissor but Bianca often outmuscle her and forces in some painful hold. It is rare to hear Pamela screaming but Bianca can do it. However, Pam is always ready to give pain and Bianca gets caught in a few nasty holds and pins.

You can tell how both women are well trained and skilled. They pull hair, punch each other abs and really go at it without a break. At one point Pamela bleeds from the lip and you can see her killer look, will she be able to punish Bianca or will she get surprised by the sexy fitness queen?

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