Maria Stuarta Vs Nina (Slapping Catfight) – FCS98

Maria Stuart vs Nina

Both these ladies are tall and athletic and they met for the first time. Maria Stuarta proved to be a great catfighter in her match against Tiger. Though she is still unexperienced, she is aggressive and evil and she enjoys fighting. Nina is still in a learning phase and she still has to learn how to use her legs but she has no fear and she has power.

The fight is cool as the two women can slap each other’s body and they are well matched in size and strenght. After some sexy posing Nina and Maria Stuarta lock up and it is fighting time. Nina tries to pin her rival but Maria Stuarta is determined to teach her a lesson. Nina is trapped in several scissors but she often fights back, using her weight and body strength.

Hairpulling is allowed and the two women go for it as they struggle for dominance and roll on the mats.

There will be a lot of submissions and a clear winner who will enjoy spanking her broken opponent. The loser will end up totally exhausted and disappointed, laying on the floor. Another fantastic performance for all Female Combat Stars’ fans!


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