Giada vs Nikita (Catfight) FCS187

Giada vs Nikita

Nikita and Giada are two fit and strong women and they wanted to fight for a long time. This is the first match after Covid-19 and it’s an awesome one, a classic blonde vs brunette catfight!

The video starts with an interesting interview where you can tell how both women are determined to win and look very confident. They are well matched in terms of strength and weight and they are both tough and experienced.

As soon as the fight starts, the two women lock up and pull each others hair. Nikita is fast and aggressive and Giada seems to be in trouble as the brunette uses her powerful legs to squeeze her neck. However, the blonde Italian beauty roars back and overpowers Nikita, making her taste her own medicine. The fight is extremely close, with lots of rollers, scissors and back and forth.

Rules are pins and submissions and we will see a few points but the final result is uncertain and both chicks are not happy with the final result. This is not the end, there will be a new fight and both women will have the chance to establish who the best fighter is…

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