Nikita vs Bianca FCS114 (Topless Catfight)

Bianca vs Nikita

Bianca is a muscular wrestler from IFW who visited Female Combat Stars during an event. She has a very powerful body, great abs and impressive biceps. She trained at IFW where she did very well and she is determined to prove how tough she is. Nikita is also very fit and strong. She is less experienced but the woman from Romania has a great fighting spirit.

We set up a topless catfight for these two and the result was fantastic! The two women don’t know each other and you can feel the tension since the initial poses, when the two girls stare at each other and flex.

Nikita attacks immediately and Bianca is surprised by the determination and the strength of her opponent. The IFW fighter gets caught in a tight body scissor and struggles to break free. Bianca fights back and this time Nikita is on the receiving end of pain. There is quite a bit of hairpulling and lots of nasty headlocks and scissors. The fight is very close and well balanced. Both women want to win and give their best but only one of them will snatch the victory. There will be submissions in this fight and the winner will love placing her foot on her defeated and exhausted foe.

This match represents another step forward in our productions. One of the best topless catfights ever!

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