Jenny vs Bianca (Catfight) – FCS162

Bianca vs Jenny

Jenny is a brave and tough woman from Rome. She is still a newbie but she loves to fight and she is always ready to take on any challenge. She is not scared to face an experienced and powerful opponent like Bianca in a catfight.

The two women clearly don’t like each other and this is a true hairpulling fight with no scissors allowed. Bianca and Jenny square at each other and then…time to grab each others hair! You can tell that Jenny knows what a catfight is and Bianca seems surprised by the feisty tattooed woman. The fight is intense as they roll around and look for some nasty submissions.

Jenny is also pretty strong and Bianca must use her best weapons to try and get her. It’s pretty violent and lots of hair are spread on the mats but these two don’t seem to feel the pain as they keep going. But finally, one woman will slowly prevail and score a few points (submissions of course!).

The winner is very happy and she will celebrate under the eyes of Pamela and her friend. The loser knows she will have another chance. Great battle for our catfight fans!


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