Julia vs Pamela (Topless) FCS92

Julia vs Pamela

Sexy Pamela is getting very confident after her hard BBJ training sessions and she came to the 2nd FCS event to beat all her rivals. This awesome topless wrestling match was long awaited! Pam is in fact taking on the gorgeous babe Julia, who looks stunning with her perfect curves and her hot muscles.

Before the fight the two blondes measure their biceps and go for several tests of strength. Mercy, arm-pulling, tits fighting, arm-wrestling and so on….

Then they finally go down on the mats and it’s fantastic to see these two beautiful hotties trying to overpower each other. It is soon evident that one woman is simply too much for her foe. One of the blondes will get totally swept away and dominated badly.

Despite her efforts, one woman is constantly on the receiving end of pain and she will be scissored, grapevines and face sat on until she must cry out her submission….several submissions actually.

The winner will comfortably sit on the loser to show off her guns. Not just that, she will humiliate the loser in a way we haven’t seen before. This fight is just absolutely fantastic for those who love topless wrestling at its best!

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