Kat vs Tiger (Catfight) FCS86

Kat vs Tiger
This is the most ferocious hairpulling catfight that we organized so far. Kat is a housewife from Czeck Republic in her 30s, with a very fit and sexy body.
K and Tiger met each other on a blog and exchanged emails and messages, each claiming to be the best hairpuller.
So Kat decided to plan a vacation in Rome and accepted the challenge, so we were able to organize the match!
K is very tall, fit and muscular, and told us to have some experience in amateur private catfights; Tiger is our best hairpuller, undefeated so far in these type of fights
The match is incredible: both girls go to the hair, and for most part of the fight each girl has both hands on the rival’s head, trying to pull the as hard as she can. Kat proves to be very tough and strong as she slams Tiger down but we all know how tough the redhead is when she is fighting on the floor.
Each girl will make the other submit, and at the end we will have a proud winner and a sore loser asking for rematch.
If you enjoy two experienced catfighters really going at it, you must download this match!!
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