Nikita vs Pamela (Topless) FCS143

Now this is a serious match! Nikita is getting stronger and meaner. She is a fit and talented woman from Romania. She has powerful arms and legs and she loves competition. Is she ready for Pamela?

The blonde beauty is now a master of fighting. She trains regularly in BBJ and she really like to sweep away her opponents, making them suffer with her incredible holds. She is great in wrestling and catfighting and she is now one of the best fighters on the scene.

The two women fight in the sun in a very physical duel. They lock hard, squeezing each other and trying to prevail. It’s fantastic to see the contrast between Nikita’s sun tanned body and Pamela’s pale one.

Nikita displays her strength and stamina but she is overwhelmed by the blonde who often envelops her body in some nasty holds. But Nikita reacts and tries to use her strong legs to subdue her foe. Lots of headlocks and scissors and quite a few submissions.

One woman will decide that it’s enough and she will lay down, looking at her opponent’s biceps as she poses on her.

Great armwrestling at the end of the match!


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