Nina vs Greta FCS220

What a match! Nina Larissa is back after a long break to face Greta, who already fought for FCS a few years ago. They are well matched in size and weight and they both have an attitude.  Nina did not have time to train but she is in great shape and she wants to teach Greta a lesson. However, Greta has a strong personality and she doesn’t want to lose.

The result is an amazing fight with lots of trash talking, rollers and some impressive moves. The two women clearly don’t like each other and they keep calling themselves names, to the extent that it’s almost impossible to translate everything they say.

Nina is a strong woman but Greta is equally powerful and extremely determined. Nina’s start is impressive and Greta is totally shocked, but the tattooed beauty immediately jumps on her opponent as if she wants to dismantle her. There are a lot of submissions in this fight, some of them are super cool, but only one woman will finally celebrate a well deserved victory. The loser is not going to take it too well and you can tell a new rivalry has started!


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