Nina vs Julia (Topless) FCS131

Julia vs Nina

This match could be called the “uneven challenge” as Nina is much taller and heavier than Julia. However, Julia is annoyed because she introduced Nina to wrestling and the blonde tattooed beauty has been disappointing….in her opinion.

Julia provoked Nina and seriously thinks she can handle her. The sexy playmate is petite but strong and fit and she believes that Nina is too soft. Nina reacts and the two chicks start to wrestle topless. The match allows pins and Julia and Nina struggle in a very intense grappling session.

Julia tries to use her speed and stamina but Nina is big and strong and she tries to use her weight and her longer legs. The match is so steamy and there are several hard pins and submissions.

Julia really wants to teach her friend a lesson but Nina was not impressed by her comments and she goes for it. There is quite a lot of mindgame from Julia but Nina is cool and accepts the sensual confrontation.

One woman will end up totally defeated and the winner will enjoy to sit on her face and rub her buttcheeks on her nose.

A fantastic performance from these two blondes!

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