Pamela vs Nina FCS120 (Catfight)

Pamela is angry at Nina after the boxing match. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on the beautiful blonde and this is the right chance. Nina is not afraid of a catfight, the statuesque blonde is brave and willing to learn.

After some posing the two women decide to fight topless. Nina is even stronger after training hard to improve her bbj skills. Nina is also strong but she is immediately overwhelmed by the bombshell from Ukraine.

Nina goes for hairpulling but Pamela is fast and she traps her in several excruciating holds. The gorgeous Italian tries her best, she is fiesty but Pamela is evil and simply too strong. This fight is very interesting because Pamela is determined to punish her opponent and Nina wants to fight back. There will be a humiliation in the end with the loser in pain after several submissions.


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