Pamela vs Xena (catfight) – FCS112

Pamela vs Xena

We are pleased to introduce a new girl. Her name is Xena, she is strong and very proud of her powerful thighs. She proved to be talented during our training and had no fear to make her debut against Pamela. Our blonde star is class fighter and she was happy to learn that this was going to be a catfight.

The two women pose for the camera and then they start with an interesting armwrestling match.

As soon as they fight start, they go at each other hair and they really go for it. Xena is nasty but still unexperienced, however she tries her best to attack Pamela. The blonde bombshell clenches her teeth and tries to dish out a lesson for the newcomer.

There is a lot rollers and Pam must do her best as Xena is a strong foe. The chick from Ukraine decides to use her vicious legs to finish Xena off but it’s not so easy. The winner will enjoy some nice victory poses on the exhausted loser.

This is a grudge match between two nasty women and we are pretty sure that these two will want to meet again.

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