Ronda vs Cleopatra (Catfight) FCS149

Cleopatra vs Ronda

This is a great catfight between two women who don’t like each other at all! Ronda and Cleopatra actually know each other as they go to the same gym. Cleopatra is older but extremely fit and she can’t stand pretty Ronda. According to Cleopatra, Ronda loves herself too much and she is determined to give her a lesson to prove that she is stronger.

Ronda knows that and she asked us to get Cleopatra involved in Female Combat Stars. In the interview before the match you can perceive the tension between these two.

As soon as they lock up, they immediately use their claws and start to pull hair. Cleopatra and Ronda are both muscular and pretty even in weight and strength and you can tell! When they go down on the mats the fight gets nasty. The two women insult each other but gradually one of them will start to gain the upper hand.

The duel is physical and both fighters really want to subdue each other but, finally, one of them will triumphantly pose and flex over a very angry loser.

After the match there is also a nice and very close armwrestling match where the girls biceps will really bulge!

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