Ronda vs Julia FCS29

Julia vs Ronda

Newcomer Ronda is a powerful woman and already has combat sports experience. She is in fact a Thai Boxer and, as you can see from her muscular body, she trains hard. Before this session Ronda was also trained in wrestling but this woman has simply no fear and she was so eager to hurt her opponent.

Her opponent is Julia, our blonde playmate. Julia is also physically strong, especially in her arms, and she already had several matches. Julia constantly improved and she is determined to teach her tough newcomer a lesson.

This match is incredibly intense. The two women do not like each other. Julia hates Ronda’s confidence and she insults her several times. Ronda attacks with her evil smile but she did not realize that Julia knows to grapple and she is always dangerous.

A lot of body to body and physical struggles. Ronda and Julia sweat a lot and grunt as they try to resist to each other holds. It is a classic brunette vs blonde and nobody wants to give up. Will Ronda manage to overpower Julia and starts her FCS career with a win or will Julia surprise her rival to put her in her place?

This match is longer than average and it is a must watch. Don’t miss out!!

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