Tiger vs Ronda FCS97 (Catfight)

Ronda vs Tiger

This is an absolutely wonderful catfight between two great fighters. Ronda is strong, fit and determined to improve. She is aggressive and has a lot of endurance. Tiger is our most experienced catfighter and she is notably nasty as she adores to hurt her rivals, particularly when hairpulling is involved.

These two don’t like each other and as soon as the match starts, they immediately lock up and start pulling each other’s hair. Ronda is lighter but her muscles and her body conditioning is impressive. On the other hand, Tiger is a strong and well trained fighter who knows all the dirty tricks to make her opponents submit.

The fight is intense and so tough!. Both women try to force each other to submit. Tiger using her powerful legs and her unmistakable fighting skills. Ronda is quick and often fights back, putting Tiger on the receiving end of pain.

The match is pretty even but there are submissions and in the end, one woman will prevail and prove to be the better woman. You will notice how exhausted they both are after putting up a great show for our fans. You will also see that this rivalry will continue for a long time. The loser knows she can do it and the winner knows she should never underestimate her foe.

This is one of the best catfight ever and we are glad we keep improving the quality as the women train hard to get better and better.

Do not hesitate, this fight is really worth watching!

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