Lexi (Topless) vs Cleopatra FCS134

Cleopatra vs Lexi

Cleopatra is a fit and tough woman who had a few real catfights and she wants to prepare a fight against Ronda. No doubts that this will happen in the near future. She is a newbie and her experience is limited but she is tough and have a great endurance.

She is fighting pretty dancer Lexi who is only 19 years old, 17 years less than Cleopatra! Lexi has a baby face and an incredibly sexy body. She has been with FCS before and she improved her body conditioning.

Lexi is fighting topless and she is just fantastic as she stretches in front of the camera. Cleopatra’s attitude is different and it looks like she can’t wait to punish her younger foe.

Both women have very little wrestling skills but they look great as they roll and tussle on the mats. Lexi tries to use her speed and quickness but she is soon overpowered by Cleopatra. The pretty teenager is pinned pretty hard but she always goes back at Cleopatra, trying to find a way to score a point. The older woman uses her strength and gets to use her legs too, squeezing Lexi’s midsection and making her scream.

There are a lot of submissions in this match and the winner will love to pose and flex on a very exhausted and disappointed loser.

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