Mirta vs Ewa FCS18

Mirta vs Ewa

Mirta is one of our stronger fighter and she knows it. This time she is facing powerful Polish blonde Ewa and it is not an easy task for the brunette. Mirta uses her quickness to avoid Ewa’s attempts to take her down and the two women exchange hard headlocks while standing.

Ewa is heavier and bigger and she takes advantage of it when the two women go down on the mats. Mirta cannot avoid to get pinned and Ewa gains confidence.

However Mirta has an amazing endurance which allows her to escape and get back on her feet. Ewa wants to win and she goes for it but Mirta is smart and always dangerous.

Will Ewa manage to beat the top wrestler and end her streak or will Mirta be able to surprise the bigger blonde? All we can say is that there will be a winner and an upset loser.

This match is cheaper than average because it is a bit shorter than average but it is still interesting. Before the tussle, the two fighters pose and engage in an arm wrestling match. Definetely worth watching it!

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