Sylvia vs Pamela FCS105 (Scripted Topless)

Pamela, our blonde muscular star, and Sylvia, black haired sexy dancer, work as secretaries in the same office. The two women have been rivals at work, and one of them feels that the promotion one received was not deserved.  She thinks that the other woman used some “unfair tricks” in order to get it.

They have agreed to meet in a private room, so that they “solve” the argument face to face.
The two beauties confront each other, they start to test their strength and suddenly the heat is on and they go topless.
Pam and Sylvia both have a strong personality and they go body to body, rolling on the bed.
In doing so, they both get visibly turned on and things go hot and…dirty.
This match is scripted and not competitive but extremely juicy for those who love different type of fights


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