Victoria vs Bianca (Hairpulling Catfight) FCS130

Bianca vs Victoria

This is a very long catfight between two women who totally hate each other. They already face each other and there is a story behind this catfight. Bianca literally stole Victoria’s boyfriend a couple of years ago and Victoria actually did want revenge.

Bianca is an experienced fighter with a statuesque body and she is very tough. She never wants to give up and she is never ever afraid of anyone. Victoria has less experienced but she is very motivated to punish her rival. She is a powerful woman and you can just see how determined she is to defeat Bianca.

The two women are supposed to armwrestle but they immediately go for hairpulling. They can’t wait to go at each other and a tremendous catfight starts.

There is a lot of rollers and hairpulling. They fight for over 40 minutes and the tussle is close. Bianca is often overpowered by Victoria who does her best to punish her but the fit brunette has a lot of endurance. Then Bianca suddenly fights back and uses her skills to hurt the taller woman.

There is so much “back and forth” and submissions from both sides. This is one of the longest catfights we have ever filmed and the video is separated in two parts.

Both women are exhausted at the end and it is clear that their feud is far from over. Great value for money!


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