Wendy vs Bianca (Nasty Catfight) FCS169

Bianca vs Venere N
This is an incredible catfight, where sometimes reality is well above imagination.
Bianca has a personal issue with Wendy because she believes that Wendy had a relationship with a her ex boyfriend.
We contacted Wendy and she accepted the challenge… Wendy is a very sporty girl and does thriatlon.
The fight is incredible: the two girls start insulting each other before the fight then they grab hair!
This fight is great because there is a real issue between these two women, we could not believe while filming.
Hairpulling, slaps, trash talking…
Bianca is a trained fighter and she feels confident as usual but Wendy is stronger than expected. It’s not easy to see Bianca outmuscled but Wendy is tough and the veteran brunette must struggle to apply her scissors.
Bianca hates to lose and roars back at Wendy, using her superior skills but her enemy just doesn’t seem to give up and she clearly knows how to pull hair.
Wendy is incredibly talented and this catfight is top!
Catfight fans will be delighted, with a revenge already planned….
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