Ronda vs Pamela (Catfight with punches) FCS201

Ronda vs Pamela

Ronda is back and gorgeous as usual. She was really looking forward to come back but her opponent is a very tough one: the blonde beauty from Ukraine Pamela Strong!

The fight can include punches to the body, hairpulling and slaps to the face. Ronda is an Muay Thai fighter and tries to start the match using her fists, but Pamela is fast to use her superior power and bring the fight to the mats.

Ronda is strong and has a lot of endurance but Pam has more powerful and starts punishing the brunette with some nasty scissors and chin locks. Ronda tries her best to survive and finally fights back, trying to hammer Pam’s body, but Pamela can use her fists too and the fight becomes more and more intense.

Ronda is punished during grappling but she doesn’t submit easily. Pam is suddenly pinned and punched in the stomach and that really pisses her off. There will be a few submissions, a lot of trash talking and a sexy winner who will enjoy to humiliate her opponent. The loser is very unhappy and she promises that this is not over!

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