Veve vs Pamela FCS110 (Catfight Topless)

Let’s go straight to the point, this is an epic match! Our Pamela improved a lot and she is determined to prove that she can take on any wrestler, even a famous and powerful woman such as Veve Lane.

This is not wrestling, this is a tough catfight with lots of hairpulling. The two women pose for the camera and go for an interesting armwrestling match. Veve’s biceps are impressive but Pamela is also strong and it’s cool to seem them testing their arms.

As soon as the match starts, Veve is surprised by Pamela’s determination as the blonde Russian dishes out some punishment. But Veve has endurance and skills. The American redhead fights back and it’s Pam’s turn to suffer. The  match is very close and you can just tell how these two really want to win. Pamela often get Veve trapped in her vicious thighs but Veve counters with her headlocks and body scissor. Pamela loses her top half way through the match and Veve’s breasts often pop out.

The intensity of this catfight is unique. There will be a few submissions and both women will end up exhausted but there will be a winner posing on her defeated foe. However, the loser doesn’t like to be humiliated and suddenly fights back, clearly not accepting defeat. But one of these two will be finally defeated and humiliated.

We really thank Veve because she put up a great performance. Pamela is now a real wrestling star and we are proud to have her in our roster.

Probably this is amongst our best videos!


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